Creating a Custom WordPress Plugin: Initial Retainer Fee

This payment is to start working on the task of the following contents.


Creates a prototype of a WordPress plugin that handles the following functionality:

  • Show a form in the front-end that lets the visitor enter Amazon URLs.
  • After URLs are submitted, analyse the entered URLs and determine the Amazon product IDs and their locales.
  • Show found products and a form in the front-end to the visitor and let the visitor enter additional information (user email, friends email, and few more entry fields).
  • After the visitor submits information of user email, friends email, and few more entry fields, the program creates a new page listing Amazon products detected with the visitor’s previously submitting URLs. The links of the listed Amazon products have an Amazon Associates ID of the site owner.
  • Send the submitted form data to CRM along with the newly created page URL.
  • If there are invalid URLs that visitor entered, send them also to CRM by appending a query string.

Estimated Required Time

5 working days.