Cooperator Discounts

We offer discounts for those who can contribute to the plugin development. We are looking for:
  • Reviewers – (for the Pro and Free versions)
    • who can publish articles/videos/social posts about the plugin to introduce features, how-tos, tips, personal reviews etc.
    • who can submit testimonials – written statements about the plugin with your photo and name.
  • Beta Testers – (only for the Free version) test development versions of the plugin and report issues.
  • Template Designers – (for the Pro and Free versions) create plugin templates. PHP and CSS coding skills are required.
  • Graphic Designers – (for the Pro and Free versions) plugin visuals such as plugin headline image.
  • Translators – (for the Pro and Free versions) who can do plugin translations using POEdit.
The both free and Pro versions need those and if you can do only for the free version, the discount will be 50% off. If you can do for both free and Pro, it will be 100% off. If you believe you can do one of those, please feel free to apply for the discount from the form below. Thank you! Michael Uno

Discount Request Form

    5 thoughts on “Cooperator Discounts

    1. Walter J. McCreary Jr.

      I’m just a beginner, I think, however I am interested as I constantly multitask. Thanks for the opportunity.
      After reading the above reference. I am very interested and capable to do the Translator (using POEdit) and Reviewer. I can do both the Free Version and the Pro Version. Thanks again.

      Walter J. McCreary Jr.

    2. Luis Claramonte

      Hello, I already bought it for you and I have translated it into both versions if you are interested. tell me something .. greetings

      Hola yo ya te lo compre y lo he traducido a es-ES las dos versiones si te interesa. dime algo..

    3. Carl j Estes

      I think I am more than capable to review and follow instructions and implement the software but I am a beginner with a strong positive will to change my life so I will give it a shot and massive action to get things done.


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